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Home Sweet Home

Expert Article By: Akanksha Sinha

All of us live in houses but how many of us know how to make it a real ‘HOME’.

You may have a very small house with a few rooms: not much to boast about… However, if you follow some very simple and practical steps you can make your house (big or small) a real home…and thus, a better place to live in…

Read On:

1. A Place For Everything

Irrespective of the size of your house, make sure there is a place for everything. Organize your house – rooms, kitchen shelves, cupboards etc in such a way that there is a place for everything.

2. And Everything In It’s Place

Once you have allocated space for everything in the house, make it a habit to put everything back in its allocated space after use! This will ensure that your house remains organized and well kept. You would be surprised by how much time you save by keeping things in the right place.

3. Discard Unnecessary Items

Make it a point to throw away things you don’t need: There may be an old transistor lying around which no longer works and which no one cares about…Dispose it off – sell it, throw it, give it away…. Do what you want with it but don’t let it lie around in the house to occupy space unnecessarily.

4. Keep It Clean

Make it a point to regularly clean the house. I’m not saying become a fanatic. Don’t get obsessed with cleanliness but do try and spring-clean the house once in a while!

5. Greenery

If you have a small balcony, garden or a little gardening space, try to keep it green…Keep potted plants and flowers and water them well…Decorate your living room with a vase of freshly picked flowers…. it will brighten up your day and your room.

6. Open Those Windows Regularly

Let there be good ventilation in the house. Let the sunlight come in everyday…. Use cheerful and bright colored home furnishings, though this would depend on personal tastes.

7. Rejuvenate With Music

Play some good relaxing music in the house everyday…. something you enjoy listening to. This will refresh you as well as send good vibrations in the whole house.

Last but not the least always stay positive and happy…. Enjoy and love where you live because after all ‘Home Sweet Home’ is ‘The Place To Be’!!!

About The Author

Akanksha Sinha - is a freelance Web Content Writer and Web designer.


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